Honey I’m Home

I was so excited to get these in the mail from Honey I’m Home. Our dogs have a hard time with treats because they both have sensitive tummies. These treats are made from REAL buffalo and finished off with a honey glaze for added vitamins and minerals. I love it because they have so many different options of buffalo treats. Check them out!

K9 Sport Sack

Our little senior dog Daze is a little over 8 years old. She does like to get out but can’t hike like she used to and plus I feel so bad when she has to walk for too long. When I found the K9 Sport Sack on Instagram I knew that she needed it. Now I never have to feel bad about leaving her at home while we go on a hike.

Provo Puppy Pool Party

OMG! Provo has been having these dog pool parties every year before they close the pool. For some reason or another we haven’t been able to go and this year I was determined to get there! We decided to not take Daze because she can get defensive with a lot of dogs and she hates the water anyway. We have been wanting to get Shadie to swim but she wouldn’t go where she couldn’t touch so we were super excited to see her swimming skills…and they didn’t disappoint. Even though my husband got a few battle wounds on his legs from Shadie’s nails. Yeah check out these nails.

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Ocean Beach – Dog Beach

We pretty much spent everyday at this beach. It was close to where we were staying and it’s HUGE. A few things about this beach:

  • Free parking
  • A lot more dogs at this beach than Del Mar
  • Close to Downtown San Diego
  • The water is shallow during high and low tide
  • Part of it goes along the San Diego River

Here are some pictures at this beach!

Del Mar Dog Beach

This beach is beautiful! I mean what beach isn’t? We tried this beach first since we wanted to visit Del Mar anyway and drive through Torrey Pines. A few things to know about this dog beach:

  • You have to pay for parking, about $3 an hour
  • It’s next to a busy road and that somewhat worried me since I had no idea how Shadie would react at the beach
  • The sand is sort of black and loves long fur. They both needed baths after
  • It has plenty of running space if you go when the tide is low
  • Perfect place to get your dog to love the water without giant waves and it’s pretty shallow

Overall we would definitely come back to this dog beach. Here are some pictures of our day!