Potty Pads

It’s been a long brutal winter. Every winter feels longer and longer. I’ve been trying the last month to have Daze use a potty pads so she doesn’t have to go out in the snow.

Not happy. But the last month I’ve had no luck getting her to use the potty pad! I couldn’t even get her to stand on it. She was terrified of it. I’ve put her on her leash and walked back and forth by it every couple of hours. Nothing. Until the last week she finally decided to smell it! It was the breakthrough I needed but she still didn’t use it. I’ve been doing this everyday and I would get nothing out of her until Monday night. My husband and I were watching some TV (The Bachelor. Go Jojo!) and we couldn’t figure out where Daze had walked off too. I decided to be sneaky and follow her.

She was right by her potty pad. Smelling and walking around it. Than she was on top of it and finally used it! Even though it’s getting warmer outside I still love that she is able to use this while we are gone.

(Obviously didn’t want to show the used one.) The whole point is to never give up on your dog. At first they might not understand what you’re trying to do but they will catch on. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will pay off!


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