Triple Crown Championship 

We drove 10 hours to Scottsdale, Arizona to watch our nephew’s baseball tournament. He’s 13 years old and plays in California so we rarely get to see him play. We decided Wednesday afternoon that we should go and at 5 am Thursday we started driving. She sleeps on the lap the whole time.

We stayed at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch. When we got to Scottsdale we decided to hit up the pool. Since in Utah it’s been so cold we definitely needed vitamin D. Shake Shack just opened in Scottsdale and we had to go!

If you haven’t been there you HAVE to go. They are also dog friendly and offer dog treats and custard. The dog treats they make are the one of the only ones that Daze can eat that won’t make her sick. She’s had a doggie Sprinkles cupcake and she threw up right after.

Anyway we also went back to Shake Shack the next night and waited in an hour line. It’s so worth it. But nothing is better than watching some baseball and eating goodies. And it’s a plus that Daze got to come to all of the games.

Until next year Arizona!


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