Snuggle Bug

Isn’t it crazy that our dogs know so much about how we are feeling? They definitely sense when something is wrong. Daze has always been my snuggle buddy. Normally when my husband and I relax on the couch she is right next to me. But my husband has been sick the past few days and she won’t leave his side. She just knows he is not feeling well and loves to give him comfort.

The day after we got home from Arizona my husband became really sick. Like really sick. For obvious reasons I won’t go into details. When I would wake up to go to work he would move to our couch where Daze usually sleeps. I set him up with saltines crackers, Gatorade and a Sprite before I left. I knew he wouldn’t be able to take Daze out because his body was weak so before I left for work I would take Daze outside to potty. It was the biggest struggle to get her away from him. She really didn’t want to leave his side, even for a couple of minutes. As soon as we got back into the door she ran straight to the couch.

After my husband suffering for a day he decided he needed to head to the doctor.  The doctor said a stomach bug has been going around and that is what is most likely causing his illness. This is a picture I received while I was at work of Daze laying on top of my husband.


Our dogs really have a sixth sense and always know when something is happening with us! They definitely can feel our emotions. It is amazing to know that our dogs will always be there for us when we need them the most. They know when we are happy, sad or just not feeling well. I would love to hear any stories you have of your dog doing something similar!


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