Road Trip Essentials

Beep Beep! We went on a road trip to Scottsdale, Arizona a week or so ago and here are some essentials for a taking a road trip with your furry friend. Daze has always been so great in the car. Our last dog Buddy was no fun in the car. Bless her heart (Buddy, yes buddy is a girl and I named her when I was 8 years old.) She just had terrible anxiety every time we got in the car and she would never calm down so unfortunately we didn’t take her many places.

We thought that since we usually take a road trip a couple of times a year to visit family that we would invest in a little car seat for her to relax in. Here she is in her car seat.


She loved the car seat for long trips, but we had only had her in there an hour at each time. She would cuddle into her blanket and go to sleep but I definitely missed her being on my lap. I would constantly be looking back to her to make sure she was ok. So going to Arizona I was ready to test it out for a really long trip (10 hours each way.) We ended using the car seat about half and half. She would get a little antsy after a while and I would let her come sit on my lap. I highly recommend using one of these, even if it’s a short trip the store. Booster Seat

Here is a list of essentials for a road trip with a pet:

  1. Treats. I noticed that Daze will not eat her regular food while on the road so I always make sure to have plenty of treats so she would eat. I also brought Daze a bone so if we needed to leave her in the hotel room she would be occupied.
  2. Small water bowl. I brought a tiny bowl so it would make it easier to give her some water while driving without making a mess. Also make sure you bring regular bowls for when you arrive to your destination
  3. A blanket. I brought her blanket that she uses in her kennel so it would make her feel more comfortable.
  4. Travel Kennel. We have this Kennel. It’s soft-sided and it folds up so it is easy to travel with.
  5. Food. Duh. I always measure her food for every day but I also put in 3 extra days of food, just in case. We ended up staying an extra day so it is always a good idea to bring extra food.
  6. Toy. I always travel with her favorite toy. The first trip we went on I brought her every toy she owned because I was so worried she would feel uncomfortable being away from home.
  7. Tags! Make sure your pet has tags on in case something happens to them.
  8. Extra leash and collar. Ya never know!

Who is ready for a road trip?



2 thoughts on “Road Trip Essentials

  1. Sounds like she did well. I have heard that having the dog seats like that for smaller dogs is a great idea, if for nothing else, so that they can see out when the car is moving. This helps them to not get car sick. Great list of things to take on a vacation with your dog. I have yet to do that, but keep trying to plan a trip to the beach or somewhere else that will be fun for my Tippy.


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