Puppy Dreams

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I was super busy with finals.

Have you ever heard your dog bark while they are sleeping? I like to call these Puppy Dreams. I call them that because I hope she is having good memories of when she was a puppy. Daze has been doing it a lot lately and I just love it.


No one can really explain why this happens and what exactly our pups are having dreams about. When dogs are in sleep cycle they will experience dreams just like humans do. When they are in REM sleep that is when they can start barking. You can tell when your pup is in a deep sleep cycle when they start twitching or moving and this cycle can also cause barking. Daze will bark in her sleep about once a week. It is also good to know to not wake up your pup if they seem to be having a bad dream. When they are in such a deep sleep, waking them up can startle them. You can just hope that they are having a great dream of chasing a squirrel!

Happy Dreams!


2 thoughts on “Puppy Dreams

  1. Tippy will do this all the time. She doesn’t really bark a full on bark, but more of a muffled one. She will also move her paws, like she is running. My favorite though, is when she starts wagging her tail. I know she is having a happy dream then. 🙂


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