Vet Visit

We have had quite the weekend. Let’s just say it was ruff. Saturday morning my husband and I were getting ready for the gym when we heard Daze struggling to catch her breath and was hyperventilating a lot. I could tell that she wasn’t feeling great. Her eyes and nose were running and she had a small cough. I knew she hadn’t been around any dogs recently to get kennel cough. I immediately called our vet and luckily there were able to see us the same day.

Here is us heading to the vet


She is usually super excited to be going on a car ride but she ended up sleeping the whole way there.Isn’t it so weird that our dogs know when we pull into the vet? She was definitely nervous to be there. She knows she is either getting groomed or getting something cold stuck up her butt. We ended up waiting for quite sometime before the vet was able to see her since we came in as an emergency.

Here is me trying to calm her nerves


While I was waiting I had a lot to think about and how much our pups rely on us to take them to the doctor because they can’t tell us when they are feeling sick. Luckily she really likes her vet and always gets calm when he comes in. We both had to hold her down to get her temperature though. She ended up having a high fever, respiratory infection (doggie flu) and allergies. Poor pup was hit with it all at once. Our vet was glad we got her in so fast because the infection could have spread to her lungs. He gave me some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for her to take for 1 week and that she will be back to normal.

On Sunday’s we usually go on a super long walk with Daze but with the doctor’s orders she can’t have too much exercise or be around other dogs. She was definitely getting antsy being inside all day but really enjoyed the extra attention and snuggles from us.


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