Waihee Ridge Trail

This is a must do hike in Maui! The views are spectacular and overall a pretty easy hike, even though it is around 5 miles. Sadie even got to come.


Here are some do’s and don’ts for this hike:

  1. Wear great hiking shoes. Also ones that you don’t care to get muddy. I wore new white shoes that got completely covered in mud. Most parts of the trail were muddy.
  2. Don’t go a day after it has rained or while it’s raining. I think it rained the day before we went and the trail was so muddy. Check the forecast for Waihee, HI.
  3. Make sure to get on the trail before 10 am or the views will be covered in clouds.
  4. Some parts of the trail can be dangerous and slippery so I wouldn’t recommend taking small children.

The first 2o minutes of the hike. Notice how muddy.


Our shoes after that path


But so worth it for these views!!!


As you can tell the clouds were starting to come in so get there early!

Our shoes when we were done. My husband and I almost fell multipe times so make sure and wear great shoes!


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