Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

This was our first time going upcountry in Maui and its so beautiful! My husband and I are more “beach people” so we have never really wanted to make that drive. But so many people have told us we need to visit the Lavender Farm. Since we had so many days here we knew that we needed to explore a little more than we usually would. The lavender farm is on Haleakala. Which is the volcano that makes up 75% of the island. They do not allow pets so Sadie wasnt allowed to come with us on this one.

The views are amazing here as well! They also have 45 different types of lavender growing at all different times of the year, which makes the whole place just smell great. They also have walking and golf cart tours because the farm is huge. But what was really fun is they have a treasure hunt that you can do AND it makes sure you see everything on the farm. So the paper tells you where to go and at that place it has a hidden stamp. I felt like I was on The Amazing Race.


Once you have all your stamps and have seen the whole farm you take this back to the gift shop and get a free lavender cookie.

Check this place out!

Lavender Farm

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