It’s been too long…

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Life gets busy and especially with our new addition to the family!

This is Shadie


August 31st we added a sweet little Goldendoodle to our family. She is a second generation Goldendoodle. And the best puppy! She has the sweetest temperament and is so amazing with our little Daze.

My husband and I had talked about getting a second dog for a year or so. We weren’t sure how Daze would do with another dog because she is definitely Alpha in the house. She only gets along with some dogs. We found a socialization class very close to where we live and started taking her to those and she did really good.

The first meet with Daze and Shadie went really well and we knew that eventually they would be best friends.


Here are some pictures of the first month with our new puppy!

Happy Holidays!

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