How Daze Has Changed

I often get asked how I like having two dogs. I always knew I wanted two dogs beacuse that is what I have always had. When we got Daze I had another dog, Buddy. She was a Maltese that I had since I was 8 years old. But when we got Buddy we also got her sister, Lucky. Unfortunately Lucky passed away a few years after we got her. So throughout my life I have always had two dogs. After Buddy went to the rainbow bridge Daze was never great with other dogs so that was always our worry about getting another dog.

Four years had gone by with just having Daze and we put all our love into her. I think she really enjoyed it for a while but then we started noticing signs of depression with her:

  • she was rarely eating
  • sleeping all day
  • didn’t enjoy going on walks or playing outside

My husband and I had been talking about adding another dog into our lives for sometime and we thought this would really help Daze. It took Daze a few weeks to get used to Shadie being home. Daze mostly ignored that she was even there. She would give me this look like “you really brought this dog home?!”

This is the face I’m talking aboutIMG_6482.JPG

After a few weeks they were nothing but best friends. They couldn’t stand to be in a different room from each other. They had to eat, sleep and be outside together. It was amazing to see such a change in Daze’s attitude towards life. Before she would only eat once a day and now she is eating both her meals. She loves going on walks and playing fetch with Shadie. They play for hours and really have an amazing bond together. So when I get asked how I like having two dogs I always say it’s the best.

[I am not saying to get another dog if you notice signs of depession. I am just telling my story and how it worked for us]

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