San Diego Road Trip

We decided to take
our first ever trip to San Diego. We were so excited because San Diego is super doggie friendly but a little nervous because the drive is 10 hours. And with Shadie who is still a puppy. Here are some tips that we found useful on our road trip!

  1. Invest in a car seat or harness seat belt! They are safe for the dogs and for you. It helps so they can’t jump up your lap while driving and causing distractions. It also keeps them safe in case you have to stop suddenly. This is the one we have: Pet Harness. I also use this to go around town with them. They are always in it.
  2. We also got seat protector. It’s easy to clean and we knew we would be going to the beach a lot while we were there. Here is one similar to the one we have: Seat Protector
  3. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and updated pet ID tag.
  4. A tired dog is a good dog. We woke up super early to hit the road and they were both really tired from waking up so early and getting to bed late. Or you can take them on a  walk before you get in the car.
  5. Make sure and take stops when needed. We stopped half way in Vegas and walked around for about an hour. (And we might have spent too much $$$ at lululemon)
  6. To avoid car sickness make sure and feed them 1-2 hours before getting in the car. A booster seat might be a good option too. If your dog suffers severe car sickness speak with our vet about some options you may have.

They both did great on the drive! I was surprised how patient Shadie was since she had never been in the car that long. Daze did throw up once but was fine after she got some food & water in her tummy. Daze is also our little escape artist and somehow would get out of her harness to come sit on my lap. On the way home we did put her in her bed and she was more comfortable siting in that and never escaped. Here they are sleeping like angels.



On the next blog post I will be talking about the dog beaches we went to!

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