Remember That One Time…

My husband and I often have these conversations about that one time. Well after we got Shadie life just got super busy and didn’t get to update everyone on everything we did. Here is one of those remember that one time…when Shadie ate a gallon sized bag of dog food!

Yes this happened and no we are not bad parents. It’s a fact that puppies have no idea when to stop eating. It’s also a fact that golden retrievers also have a brain defect that doesn’t tell them to stop eating. (I had no idea about this until our vet told us that Shadie might also have that.)

Anyway we also kept their dog food on a high counter and pushed all the way to the back. Shadie had never been able to reach the back part of the counter. While at work Shadie’s mission was to get that bag of dog food because she’s always hungry. When I returned home from work and noticed the bag empty on the ground I was like OH S*#&!!!! I felt her stomach and she was huge. I felt like the worst doggie parent in the world. That’s when I turned to google ~bad idea~ DEATH. When my husband got home we weren’t sure what to do with her. She was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t stop pacing around the house, which are symptoms of bloat. We called the nearest pet instant care and they told us we should probably come in. We took her in and they did x-rays to make sure her stomach wasnt flipped.

Luckily her stomach was not flipped and they induced vomiting. Here are her x-rays and pictures from that night.


Now her or Daze’s food is not anywhere near where she can get it.

Lessons learned: we are not bad doggie parents and that dogs are always hungry.

Do you have any “remember that one time” stories?

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