How Daze Has Changed

I often get asked how I like having two dogs. I always knew I wanted two dogs beacuse that is what I have always had. When we got Daze I had another dog, Buddy. She was a Maltese that I had since I was 8 years old. But when we got Buddy we also got her sister, Lucky. Unfortunately Lucky passed away a few years after we got her. So throughout my life I have always had two dogs. After Buddy went to the rainbow bridge Daze was never great with other dogs so that was always our worry about getting another dog.

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Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

This was our first time going upcountry in Maui and its so beautiful! My husband and I are more “beach people” so we have never really wanted to make that drive. But so many people have told us we need to visit the Lavender Farm. Since we had so many days here we knew that we needed to explore a little more than we usually would. The lavender farm is on Haleakala. Which is the volcano that makes up 75% of the island. They do not allow pets so Sadie wasnt allowed to come with us on this one.

The views are amazing here as well! They also have 45 different types of lavender growing at all different times of the year, which makes the whole place just smell great. They also have walking and golf cart tours because the farm is huge. But what was really fun is they have a treasure hunt that you can do AND it makes sure you see everything on the farm. So the paper tells you where to go and at that place it has a hidden stamp. I felt like I was on The Amazing Race.


Once you have all your stamps and have seen the whole farm you take this back to the gift shop and get a free lavender cookie.

Check this place out!

Lavender Farm

Waihee Ridge Trail

This is a must do hike in Maui! The views are spectacular and overall a pretty easy hike, even though it is around 5 miles. Sadie even got to come.


Here are some do’s and don’ts for this hike:

  1. Wear great hiking shoes. Also ones that you don’t care to get muddy. I wore new white shoes that got completely covered in mud. Most parts of the trail were muddy.
  2. Don’t go a day after it has rained or while it’s raining. I think it rained the day before we went and the trail was so muddy. Check the forecast for Waihee, HI.
  3. Make sure to get on the trail before 10 am or the views will be covered in clouds.
  4. Some parts of the trail can be dangerous and slippery so I wouldn’t recommend taking small children.

The first 2o minutes of the hike. Notice how muddy.


Our shoes after that path


But so worth it for these views!!!


As you can tell the clouds were starting to come in so get there early!

Our shoes when we were done. My husband and I almost fell multipe times so make sure and wear great shoes!


Sadie At The Beach

We have been doing so much on this trip and it’s hard to find a time to quickly update everyone.

We have been watching a friend’s house and their dog while we have been in Maui. It was so exciting getting to see Sadie again. Her personality is just so strange and I just love it. She is also very active which fits our lifestyle perfectly. She can go on a 4 mile run with us and have a long beach day and still be ready to play when we get back.

Here she is at the beach


The south side was having major swells and it was so fun to watch at Big Beach. Another friend that lives here told us that they haven’t seen waves that big in over 3 years. Here are a few pictures. They definitely don’t do it justice on how big they really were.

I’ll keep updating on other fun adventures we have!

Leaving Daze

I am writing this but I should really be packing for my upcoming trip. That’s mostly why I have been absent for a few days because I have been preparing. It’s defiantly harder going on a trip that I know Daze can’t come with us. Taking dogs to Hawaii is very complicated and they have to be quarantined for a few days. We are going to be house sitting/dog sitting for a friend of ours. So I will also be writing posts about Sadie while we are in Hawaii. I will sure miss Daze and really wish she could come.

Here is a picture of Sadie when we watched her last year!