Pet Identification

Have you ever lost your pup? Even if it was only for a few minutes? It’s probably the worst feeling ever. You don’t really know what to do or to think and you’re just frantic. You are hoping that nothing happens and also feeling like the worst could happen. That’s why it’s so important to have a pet ID on your dog’s collar/harness at all times.

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Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now and they have a reason to be…they are AMAZING! I always saw them popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest. I noticed that Jamba Juice started making them too. Since I am already a smoothie lover I decided I should just make them at home instead of spending $6 or more for one somewhere. It’s also a plus that our furry friend can share it with us if we combine all the ingredients that they can enjoy. I’ll share my favorite smoothie bowl with you today!

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Freshen Up

Have you ever taken your dog on a walk or to the dog park and you get back inside and noticed they smell really bad? Yuck! They just smell like outside and I definitely don’t want her laying next to me the rest of the day. We all know that we don’t have the time everyday to give our pup a bath. We take Daze on a walk everyday after work and on Sunday’s we take her to the dog park.  Continue reading

All About That Face

I love washing my face! It makes me feel so clean afterwards but my poor Daze has a stinky face sometimes and it took me awhile to understand why. I had to do some research. Shih Tzu’s will occasionally get a sour face. The reason is their nose and mouth are flat so when they drink water basically their whole face gets wet. Since they have a little dip between their eyes and nose it will make it hard for the water to dry, which will grow bacteria and causing the sour smell. I have also noticed during the week it will get really strong because she will cry when my husband and I are at work during the day. I will be talking about what I do to keep my face clean and Daze’s face clean.

Being a dental assistant I am constantly wearing a mask. The moist heat of wearing the mask would cause bacteria on my face. When I first started working as a dental assistant I would constantly break out where my mask would be. I knew I needed to start a more serious face washing routine and stick to it so I wouldn’t break out.

This is my morning products I use. Seems like a lot of work but it only takes me about 8 minutes to apply all of these.


I first use the Clarisonic to wash my face. Make sure and use enough face wash and water! And to clean your brush after every use. I use this face wash: ANTIBACTERIAL GEL WASH.

After washing my face I will apply: Dr. R. A. Eckstein Azulen Paste just on the places where I usually break out, which is on my chin and by my lips. I love this stuff because it is also tinted so it covers up breakouts.

After applying that I will moisturize my face. I will combine Dr.R.A. Eckstein Azulene Powder and Lirene to make a tinted moisturizer. Than I apply mascara and I am done for the morning.

At night I have simple routine because I am usually tired and lazy right before I go to bed. I use any type of make up removal wipes and apply: Instant Blemish Resolve just on my breakout areas.


Well Daze’s face wash routine is one simple step, kind of like my husband’s. He just washes his face in the morning in the shower and at night before bed. So lucky! For Daze I use these wipes every couple of days to keep her face from smelling terrible:BREUT  (sorry I haven’t been able to find this item online.) I also give her a bath once a week to keep her smelling fresh. It is really hard to keep her face dry, it’s basically impossible because she is drinking water about every hour but keeping the bacteria under control will help her smelly face!

IMG_9715 copy

Look how amazing our faces look!

FullSizeRender copy

Take care of your face!

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