Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now and they have a reason to be…they are AMAZING! I always saw them popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest. I noticed that Jamba Juice started making them too. Since I am already a smoothie lover I decided I should just make them at home instead of spending $6 or more for one somewhere. It’s also a plus that our furry friend can share it with us if we combine all the ingredients that they can enjoy. I’ll share my favorite smoothie bowl with you today!

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Easter Treats

Happy Late Easter! I hope you all had a good one! I ate way too much food and so did Daze. I made her some Easter treats that she loves. It’s hard to find something to make that won’t upset her tummy. These are treats I usually make for her but they are shaped like bunnies and eggs.

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Leap Day

Thank you Leap Day! When else would we get a extra day in the year to be with our dogs? With this extra day we are going to enjoy it with outside time and plenty of naps (for her.) I just can’t wait for spring time to go out for a hike, it’s still too snowy and muddy. This little warmth Utah has been seeing lately it’s getting me a little anxious for real warm weather. I think Daze has been feeling the same way. She loves laying in the sunshine.

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